Kate pays touching tribute to Prince George and Charlotte with rare background photograph

Kate Middleton praises Place2Be for their ‘amazing’ work

The photo was shown during a conversation between school staff and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge about mental health charity Place2Be, which supports children’s mental wellbeing in schools. In the image, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Prince William, Camilla and the Queen can be seen surrounding Kate as she holds Princess Charlotte as a baby after her christening. The royal spoke to education staff members during Children’s Mental Health Week about how they were dealing with the lockdown. 

Another rare picture of older Prince George and Princess Charlotte could also be spotted in the background behind the foliage of a potted plant.

In the image, the two royal siblings appear to be sitting on grass sporting the same outfits worn during a private photoshoot during which Kate took some snaps to mark Prince William’s birthday last year.

The Duchess talked with headteacher Ashleigh Sheridan and said: “I just wanted to check in with you.

“Obviously you’re doing an amazing job at the moment supporting kids and I know the school’s are still open and supporting key workers and things like that but I just wondered how are things, how you’re getting on?”

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Ms Sheridan replied: “Of course, we can’t replicate what’s going on in school entirely because that would be impossible but we’re trying our very best and to make sure everything is as good as it can be.”

While schools remain closed for a vast majority of pupils, some remain open for children of key workers and vulnerable children.

Many have resorted to home learning to try and keep up with their education. 

Kate added: “You know as parents you sort of really recognise what a vital role you do play for us on a day-to-day basis and obviously having remote learning going on as well, it must be hugely challenging to juggle for a school. 

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“What is it that Place2Be has really supported you with, because they’re an amazing organization and I’m hugely passionate about the work that they do, what is it that’s really supported you in your school during the pandemic?”

Sheridan said: “Well it’s just fundamental to what we do.

“So Place2Be, we all recognize that you know before we even address the academic side of school life our children need to be socially and emotionally secure.”

The Government said schools reopening would be one of the first lockdown measures lifted but it would not happen until after March 8. 

Children have had exams cancelled with the Institute of Fiscal Studies warning pupils would lose out on income worth £40,000 over their lifetimes due to the effects on their education. 

The royal asked another teacher called Hannah Rispin how her mental health was coping. 

Ms Rispin said: “Personally for me, keeping everybody else positive and having a laugh and having a joke around really helps me to be positive.”

Teacher Chris Reay also spoke with the Duchess after he received support from Place2Be as a child and then grew up to work at the school he attended.  

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