Kate secured Royal Family support with pivotal royal trait ‘Makes her the perfect Queen’

Kate Middleton praised for her 'calm under fire' by Andrews

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has emerged as one of the leading members of the Royal Family in terms of raising awareness and supporting her charities. Over the past two years, the Duchess’ workload has significantly increased as she stepped up alongside Prince William to support the Queen as she slowed down. And her ability to maintain “her calmness under fire” at a time of heightened pressure for the Royal Family has been highlighted as one of the key traits that won her over the support of Prince William’s family when she first joined.

Channel 5’s Kate: Our Queen in Waiting narrator David Riley said: “William and the Palace seemed to feel that Kate possessed the calm and resolve to withstand the pressure of royal life, and those of a future Queen.”

Royal editor Katie Nicholl claimed Palace aides had been impressed by Kate Middleton’s ability to cope with the increasing pressure she faced the more official her relationship with Prince William became 

Ms Nicholl said: “Given that she didn’t have at that stage any media training, and certainly no experience of handling press intrusion, she was very cool, she was very calm.

“And I think some members of the Royal Family noted how well she coped with that pressure.”

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Fellow royal commentator Emily Andrews noted Kate’s trait is likely to play a pivotal role in influencing the way she acts once she becomes queen.

Ms Andrews said: “This calmness under fire, this ability to be able to preserve the mask, that is absolutely one of the key qualities that’ll make her such a good queen.”

The Duchess of Cambridge won particular praise for her conduct over the past two years during which the Royal Family was rocked by the sudden departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as Prince Andrew’s legal woes.

Kate’s behind-the-scene work was highlighted at the funeral service for the Duke of Edinburgh in April, where she was spotted pushing feuding Prince William and Prince Harry into having a conversation.

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Royal author Christopher Andersen suggested earlier this year the Duchess will be trying to broker peace between the Dukes later in the year when she is expected to accompany William to the United States for his Earthshot Awards ceremony.

Mr Andersen told Royally US: “I think this is just another positioning of Kate as a future Queen as someone who’s going to be taking on a much larger role with William as Harry and Meghan are out of the picture.

“Kate really plays such a pivotal role in what’s happening now and as the peacekeeper is the person who’s trying to bring Harry and her husband back together.

“In the coming year, I think, it’s pretty obvious that they’re going to be coming to the United States because the Earthshot Prize, the environmental award, is going to be awarded here.

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“They have hired in something called a visits and events manager or they’re hiring one who will be scheduling presumably a lot of overseas trips this year.”

Body language expert Judy James noted “calmness” is a key element in peacemakers.

She told “Whether you’re dealing with toddler tantrums or brokering a cease-fire between two adult Princes, the three key qualities of any peacemaker are calmness, fairness, and firmness.

“Kate’s body language shows she possesses impressive amounts of all three.

“Her projection of calm is legendary.

“Kate’s posture is always elegant but without any obvious signs of anxiety-like self-calming hand rituals like fiddling or metronomic foot-tapping or leg-swinging.

“Her perfect smile never fades or becomes a rigid rictus under pressure.”

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