Kate sought to ‘keep Meghan apart from her’ in UK, expert claims

Queen's funeral: Meghan Markle arrives at Westminster Abbey

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On September 10, during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent visit to the UK, the couple made a surprise appearance alongside the newly-appointed Prince and Princess of Wales in Windsor. The two couples, previously termed the ‘Fab Four‘ by the press, joined forces to meet royal mourners lining the streets and viewed flower tributes in honour of the late monarch. According to royal expert Neil Sean, Kate sought to “keep Meghan away from her” during the Sussexes’ UK visit.

Speaking in a recent video on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “She [Kate] was indeed terrified and wanted Meghan to keep away from her.

“Simply, because she felt that whatever was said, discussed, even an informal chat, could have been leaked out.”

He added: “I’m not suggesting, and neither was Catherine I might point out, that even small talk, but you seemingly never know.

“As we told you recently, Gayle King seemingly had a hotline to whatever was going on.

“[And] was able to speak, at length, to a media US team about, you know, the fact that things weren’t going particularly well.”

He added that you can “understand Catherine’s reticence to get involved”.

He also added that, “according to a very good source”, Carole Middleton has “read that book” by Tom Bower.

Mr Sean added that due to this alleged claim, “you can imagine, what’s been passed over to Catherine.”

Queen encouraged to undertake 'walkabouts' by Martin Charteris

Speaking previously to Seven News, body language expert Katia Loisel discussed Meghan and Kate at the recent walkabout.

Ms Loisel claimed that Kate “looked through” Meghan.

She added that Kate appeared “reluctant to interact”, despite William’s notable effects to “include and connect with” Harry and Meghan.

The body language expert noted that “the gaze wasn’t reciprocated” when Meghan appeared to glaze over at Kate “on numerous occasions”, claiming that this suggested “underlying tension between the pair.”


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This was the first public appearance for all four since Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal exit in 2020.

The couple, who now reside in the US, arrived in the UK on September 3.

The initial short visit was extended due to the death of William and Harry’s beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.


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