Kate tells fan she is exhausted from ‘long hours’ in Coronation chat

The Royals greet adoring crowds in walkabout on the Mall

Kate, Princess of Wales, has admitted to feeling exhausted from the long hours in the run up to the Coronation as she greeted excited crowds near Buckingham Palace with the King and Prince of Wales. The three royals shook hands and spoke with members of the public as people loudly cheered and some sang God Save the King.

The Princess of Wales cheerfully greeting the throngs of well-wishers who lined up along the Mall.

She told one: “It’s nice to be out here to say hello to everyone who has stayed out here for so long and will be staying out overnight.”

She then went on to ask the reporter if she will be staying there throughout the night, to which the reporter replied: “Yes, we have been here every day.”

The Princess asked: “Are you tired?” To which the reporter admitted: “A bit.”

Kate replied: “I bet, it is long hours for everybody isn’t it?”

The Princess of Wales said that she will have an early start tomorrow as well, but added: “But I think everyone has.”

King Charles and Prince William also walked along the Mall and greeted members of the public just one day before the Coronation.

A royal fan has said she was “absolutely ecstatic” after meeting the King.

Alison Cowburn, a 62-year-old resident of Derby, was among the cheering crowds gathered in central London during King Charles’ surprise walkabout on the Mall.

She told the PA news agency: “I said it was very nice to meet him and he said ‘have you been camping?’

“I said no we are just down for the day and he said ‘nothing so rash as that then’.”

On how she felt after the encounter, she said: “Brilliant, so delighted. Absolutely ecstatic.”

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A woman said it was “absolutely amazing, just surreal” after shaking the King’s hand one day before his Coronation.

Gillian Holmes, 66, of Redcar, said: “He just came over, couldn’t believe our eyes, that we were seeing him and he shook my hand and said ‘thank you for coming’ and it was absolutely amazing, just surreal.

“My daughter said her legs were shaking, she was in shock.

“It was fantastic, just wonderful.

“I never ever dreamt that I would meet the King, I can’t believe it.”

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