Kate’s heartfelt new project shows Harry and Meghan’s problem

Kate Middleton and Prince William attend BAFTA event in London

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Kate and Prince William’s latest public appearance brought to the fore a huge difference separating them from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when it comes to their humanitarian work, a commentator has claimed. The Princess of Wales looked “businesslike and unapologetically leading” as she arrived at BAFTA in London alongside her husband on Monday evening, commentator Daniela Elser wrote. There, the pair attended the pre-campaign launch of Shaping Us, the next step of her life-long and legacy-making efforts to shine a light on the importance of the first five years in the life of children for their future development. This launch comes after years of slow-paced work behind the scenes with experts and industry leaders. While Kate can dedicate herself fully to a similar project as she doesn’t need to be concerned with a “day job”, Ms Elser said Prince Harry and Meghan “don’t have that luxury” now that they have stepped outside of the Firm.

She said they, instead, need to work on their profitable deals while also finding the time to lead projects with their non-profit Foundation. In an op-ed for, Ms Elser wrote: “Shooting a six-hour ‘documentary’ series, penning a 400-page plus book even with the help of a ghostwriter and putting out a 12-part podcast series all consume a hell of a lot of hours in the day I’d imagine, hours that can’t be spent plotting and planning how to make the world a better place. And therein lies a fundamental difference with William and Kate, who can dedicate each and every working day to plugging away at their major projects, with only time for a quick round of coronation chicken sandwiches, crusts-off, for lunch. The Sussexes, having left to find freedom, raise chickens down the road from Oprah, and to learn first-hand about the pain of interest rate rises don’t have that luxury.”


Royal commentator highlights key differences between Wales’ and Sussexes

Daniela Elser said as a senior royal, Harry launched a legacy-making project as ambitious as William’s Earthshot Prize or Kate’s early childhood campaign – the Invictus Games.

Ms Elser claimed that, since moving to the US, both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to have so far focused on “grassroots outfits and aimed at making an immediate impact”. She added: “Can or will we ever see the couple ever mount any sort of similar global endeavours in the same league as this? Can or will Harry and Meghan ever begin to play on the same philanthropic field as the Waleses are now? If there is one lesson in all of this it is that day jobs really can really get in the way of changing the world. That and the awesome power of a great pantsuit should never be underestimated.”

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