Kate’s old history teacher speaks out on reuniting after 25 years

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Kate, Princess of Wales had a much welcome blast from the past yesterday after reuniting with her old history teacher during an official visit to Cornwall with Prince William. Jim Embury, 79, said the princess “hasn’t changed a bit” and described their first meeting in 25 years as “incredible”.

In their first to the county since becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Kate and William visited the National Maritime Museum, where Mr Embury now volunteers since relocating from Berkshire, where Kate grew up.

The pair hugged and chatted after she spotted him in the crowd, as she told him: “The things you taught me, I now teach to my children.”

Mr Embury told the MailOnline: “I hate to think what those children are learning!”

He said: “It was an incredible meeting and the first time I had seen Kate in 25 years. She hasn’t changed, not one bit, and is just like she was – conscientious, considerate and exuberant.”

Mr Embury, who came into the museum on his day off to see the princess, added: “She is a wonderful woman. I didn’t know she was coming to the museum until 6am this morning.

“It was my day off and I only work Fridays. We were asked if we would be available to be on standby for the royal visit, and of course I wanted to.

“The prospect of meeting Kate after all these years was very exciting so I went in on my day off.”

Mr Embury approached the royals at the meet and greet before Kate and William entered the museum, with the princess recognising her former teacher instantly.

She told him: “Oh my goodness! My gosh, that’s taken me right back!”

He described their meeting as being like a “whirlwind”, recalling later from his home: “Kate was very kind and was talking about her children and what they were learning from her which she said she had learned partly from me.”

As the pair chatted and reminisced the Prince of Wales continued interacting with other royal well-wishers in the crowd.

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Originally from Ontario, Mr Embury is married to a British woman and is known as “Canadian Jim” by his neighbours.

He continued to heap praise on Kate, saying: “She is a lovely, considerate, wonderful woman. She was a fantastic student and it was so nice to see her again.”

He added that the photos from the event would be “joyful” for him and hs wife to look back on.

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