Kate’s ‘subtle way of participating’ in sister Pippa’s wedding leaves royal fans astounded

Kate Middleton: Expert discusses contribution at sister’s wedding

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge had a “subtle way of participating” in Pippa Middleton’s wedding day, according to royal commentators. Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito were discussing the future queen consort’s personal talents. They found that the Duchess had put her artistic skills to use for her sister’s marriage ceremony in 2017.

Ms Bowie told listeners: “I had no idea but she drew the programme for Pippa’s wedding.

“I had to go back and kind of look into it.

“Apparently it was even mentioned in the service that she did that.

“But it was a subtle way for her to participate in her sister’s wedding.”

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Ms Fiorito added: “We’ve heard Kate talk about drawing and her art skills in comparison to William.

“So it’s very interesting, I missed that detail about Pippa’s wedding.

“She drew the church and that was on the front of Pippa’s wedding programme when she married James Matthews.

“As patron of the National Portrait Gallery, I feel like that’s very fitting.”

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She continued: “We do know that she’s very artistic.

“Now both behind the camera and with drawing pencils.”

The Duchess is famous for her photography skills.

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For each Cambridge birthday, she releases pictures shot by herself.

William has even joked about his wife’s talents at public engagements.

In 2018, when they met with London-based contemporary artist Dairo Vargas, he gave them the opportunity to add their own brush strokes to his painting.

William encouraged Kate to try because she’s “the arty one”.

However when she added hers, he joked: “You’ve pretty much ruined the picture!”

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