Keir Starmer will ‘roll out woke Joe Biden policies’ if Labour wins power – expert

Keir Starmer has 'moral principles of a jellyfish' says Galloway

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The Labour leader is preparing to speak at the party’s annual conference in September – the first time he will do so in person since taking the job in April 2020. Ahead of the event, Sir Keir has been warned by a top aide that millions of Britons still have no idea what he or the party stands for. Former pollster Deborah Mattinson, who has been appointed director of strategy in a shuffle of Sir Keir’s inner circle, briefed him, shadow ministers and MPs on devastating internal polling and findings from focus groups days before the summer recess, reports claim.

While some Britons remain unaware of how Sir Keir and the Labour Party might improve their lives, and what direction both are taking, others have suggested people only need to look across the Atlantic to see what the UK’s future might hold under a Labour government.

Joanna Williams, a leading academic and director of Cieo, a think tank, said Sir Keir would try to emulate President Joe Biden and his barrage of “woke policies” from gender to education should he secure the keys to Downing Street in the future.

She said Mr Biden presented himself as a “sensible alternative” to the presiding government of Donald Trump, claiming to want to “play down” the culture war, but ended up throwing himself at its forefront.

Ms Williams claimed Sir Keir shows all the hallmarks of Mr Biden pre-election victory, telling “My guess would be that the Labour Party would try and roll out and normalise these woke policies.

“I think we only have to look at Joe Biden – he made a case for wanting to play down the culture war, and a few on the US left said they could only vote for Biden because he would calm the tensions, but the opposite has happened.

“Biden has been very much at the forefront of the culture war, some of the stuff he’s done particularly around gender and gender in schools, essentially it seems to me that if you’re a young girl in some states in the US you can give up on any sporting ambitions or aspirations you might have because the chances are you’re going to be competing against transgender girls who have a physical advantage – Biden’s overseen all that.

“He’s made statements against Dr Seuss books, he’s very much played the culture warrior and he’s not somebody who’s just calmed things down and taken the heat out of the culture war.”

In the first weeks of his presidency, Mr Biden withdrew government support for a federal lawsuit in Connecticut that sought to ban transgender athletes from participating in girls’ high school sports.

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The lawsuit was filed in 2020 by several cisgender runners who argue they have been deprived of wins, state titles and athletic opportunities by being forced to compete against two transgender sprinters.

While the upper echelons of the Labour Party have been largely silent on transgender issues, many within the outfit support transgender rights.

More recently, Rosie Duffiled, Labour MP for Canterbury, was piled on by transgender rights activists after she liked what was perceived to be a transphobic tweet.

While the party has been silent on the case, neither defending or criticising her position, LGBT+ Labour are calling for Ms Duffield to lose the whip and Sir Keir to suspend her from the party.

Labour are believed to be investigating the case, according to The Times.

Ms Duffield has denied allegations of transphobia.


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This week, Allister Heath, the editor of The Sunday Telegraph, wrote that Mr Biden was giving “free rein to radical activists whose ideals will soon reach British shores”.

He said that while the President wasn’t a fan of the far-left elements of his party like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he was “failing to confront the woke insurgency, and in some cases is even fuelling it”.

Mr Biden is working at changing several ways the US works, from the size of the Supreme Court – reports suggest he wants to expand it – to granting statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Ms Williams believes the Labour Party would act in a similar way.

She continued: “They don’t differentiate culture war issues from ‘real politics’.

“To them, these culture war or identity politics issues are the real politics, they would be getting everyone to take the knee.

“I think in education, in particular, they would be absolutely disastrous because they would politicise it to such a degree that it would be very hard to distinguish what would be genuine knowledge and good academic standards from the political values that the curriculum would be expected to impart.”

Mr Biden has focused his efforts on education in a bid for the US to compete with the world.

Last month, he called for the education system to be expanded from 12 to 14 years for all Americans, as part of his “human” infrastructure plan.

In April, he also unveiled a bold proposal that would implement small-scale free college tuition scholarships nationwide, effectively allowing millions of Americans to enter university for free.

This is part of his $1.8trillion (£1.3tn) American Families Plan, which he says will, as time passes, pay for itself with a better-educated workforce at the US’ disposal.

Meanwhile, Sir Keir has yet to drop his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to scrap tuition fees, and has in recent months focused on criticising what he calls the student debt scandal as many young people leave university tens of thousands of pounds in debt.

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