King Charles hails ‘darling wife’ Camilla as she’s set for new role

King Charles III pays tribute to 'darling wife Camilla'

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King Charles delivered his speech to the nation ahead of the first memorial service in honour of the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral. In an emotional display, the new monarch hailed Camilla’s “loving help” and “steadfast devotion to duty”. Sitting next to a sweet photo of his mother, King Charles gave his first address in Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room, where Her Majesty recorded some of her Christmas messages.

The King said: “This is also a time of change for my family.

“I count on the loving help of my darling wife, Camilla. In recognition of her own loyal public service since our marriage seventeen years ago, she becomes my Queen Consort.

“I know she will bring to the demands of her new role the steadfast devotion to duty on which I have come to rely so much.”

In a shakeup of the Royal Familiy titles, he said that William and Kate will now be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

He added: “As my Heir, William now assumes the Scottish titles which have meant so much to me.

“He succeeds me as Duke of Cornwall and takes on the responsibilities for the Duchy of Cornwall which I have undertaken for more than five decades.

“Today, I am proud to create him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have been so greatly privileged to bear during so much of my life and duty.

“With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the centre ground where vital help can be given.

“I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

While Camilla is now officially the Queen consort, some historians have claimed that could take the title ‘Her Majesty The Queen’

Twitter user RoyalArjan, who posts about European royalty, noted historically some Queen Consorts were styled as ‘HM The Queen’, meaning Camilla could take the title.

They said: “I’m pretty sure HM The Queen Consort will be styled as ‘HM The Queen’ after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

“The consorts of, amongst others, Edward VII, George V and George VI were all styled as ‘HM The Queen’ during the reigns of their husbands.”

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The most recent Queen Consort in British history was George VI’s wife Queen Elizabeth, known in later years as the Queen Mother after her daughter became monarch in 1952.

Palace officials said for years that Camilla was “intended” to be known as “Princess Consort”, instead of the traditional “Queen Consort”.

There was no precedent for the title Princess Consort, which was reportedly suggested by royal officials, and the similar title of Prince Consort has only been used once for Prince Albert.

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