King Charles ‘hitting ground running’ as he is aware of ‘short reign’

King Charles III hears 'God Save the King' sung in front of him

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In the five days since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III has been “hitting the ground running “. According to the Daily Mail’s editor-at-large Richard Kay, this is because Charles is aware that, at 73 years old, his reign could be “short” and he could have to hand the role onto his elder son, Prince William, in a few years.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Mr Kay described Charles as “a man in a hurry”.

He added: “I mean, is it all partly because he knows his is going to be a short reign so let’s get all the protocol, everything that needs to be done, out as fast as possible.”

Host Jo Elvin added: “Oh that’s cold.”

He added: “No, it’s partly that, it’s also because he’s been preparing for this role for so many years.”

Mr Kay added that “one thing we learnt” from his appearance at Westminster Halls on Monday, is that he’s “been preparing for his audiences with the Prime Minister with previous Prime Ministers over the years”.

“So, he’s a man who’s well prepared and ready for the task ahead.”

Charles, who will turn 74 in November, had been next in line to the throne since 1952 when his mother became Queen.

At the time of his mother’s coronation, Charles was just four-years-old.

King Charles III 'spoke with genuine emotion' says Peacock MP

Joined by Camilla, the Queen Consort, Charles addressed members of both Houses of Parliament for the first time on Monday.

He received condolences from both Houses of Parliament during a historic ceremony, which took place in Westminster Hall.

This marked the first time that the reigning monarch had addressed MPs and peers in Parliament, as the King admitted he could “feel the weight of history”.


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In his speech, the King paid tribute to the late monarch as he pledged to follow the Queen’s example of “selfless duty”.

The King praised Parliament as the “living and breathing instrument of our democracy” after attendees, such as Sir Lindsay Hoyle, presented him with addresses of condolence. 

Following his speech, the King flew to Edinburgh to attend a memorial service at St Giles’s Cathedral after his mother’s coffin was moved from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the Scottish capital’s main church.

He tend joined his siblings in the first Vigil of the Princes on Monday evening  – a traditional ceremony that saw the late Queen’s four children guard her coffin inside the church.


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