King Charles will ‘inevitably’ be ditched as Australian head of state

Stephen Smith, a top Australian diplomat, has, however, warned that the King will “inevitably” be ditched as Australian head of state. After becoming the reigning monarch in September, the King then became the Head of all the Commonwealth countries – including Australia. Mr Smith added that is only a matter of time before the monarchy is abolished.

In his first interview since moving to the UK, the Austalian politican claimed that there is “a lot of affection and respect for the monarchy in Australia”.

He added that this affection “hasn’t gone away” because of “Australia contemplating from time to time what bit should do about its constitutional arrangements”.

Mr Smith then went on to speak about his personal view on the situation.

He said: “My view is it’s inevitable.

“But how that’s progressed is entirely a matter for the Australian government of the day.”

He also spoke of the relationship between Brits and Australians, adding that British people would be “indifferent” to Australians getting rid of the monarchy.

He added that he doesn’t believe it would not damage the relationship between the two countries.

Mr Smith added that it is a matter of ” only time will tell” if there ends up being a future referendum about Australia and the UK’s constitutional arrangements.

It was confirmed earlier this year that the portrait of the late Queen on the Australian $5 note will be replaced by a piece of Aboriginal artwork, instead of a portrait of the King.

Australia’s current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had confirmed he will be in attendance at the King’s Coronation at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

Only a handful of people have RSVP’d to the Coronation so far, with the deadline scheduled for today, April 3.

The Coronation is now less than six weeks away, and will be held at Westminster Abbey.

Attendees known to be in attendance include royal members such as the Prince and Princess of Wales, their three children, Princess Anne and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. Politicans such as Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson are also expected, as will foreign politicians and royals.

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