King Charles’s ‘tactical’ response to Sussexes criticism

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King Charles III’s “tactical” brilliance has been lauded by a royal commentator following his “unexpected” response to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix show. The docuseries has seen the royal family “bogged down in the melodrama of Megxit” once again, according royal writer Daniela Elser.

However, the wily King hit back in an unexpected way – by inviting the couple to his coronation and reportedly planning to mention Meghan and Harry in his first-ever Christmas speech to the nation.

“King Charles is a tactical clever-clogs up there with the best of them,” Ms Elser wrote for

The docuseries sparked debate in the media and among royal watchers who waited to see if there would be a response from the Palace.

Ms Elser added: “Various British publications started to throw out stories speculating about whether titles should be stripped and the Fleet Street clucking grew louder and louder. Would the King, Henry VIII-style after a long lunch and in the mood for a new wife, come out swinging? Oh no.”

Instead, according to reporting in The Telegraph, the King plans on sending his estranged son and daughter-in-law a formal invitation to his coronation and has mentioned them in his pre-recorded Christmas speech.

The move shows “brilliance” on the part of the Palace, undermining the narrative Meghan and Harry were trying to push with their Netflix show, according to Ms Elser.

She added: “Your move, Harry and Meghan. The brilliance in the Palace’s no response-response is that it directly counters the Sussexes’ characterisation of the royal family as a ruthless bunch hellbent on the monarchy’s survival, no matter the human cost.

“Here Charles is, still wanting his younger son to be a part of his coronation, even though his boy now seems to attack the monarchy for a living.”

The response goes a long way in making the royal family look “magnanimous and warm-hearted” in response to the “Netflix nonsense”, according to Ms Elser.

There has been no official response or statement from the Palace about the docuseries.

However, royal experts have said that even if they haven’t watched the program, members of the Firm are likely to be keenly aware of the headlines in the media and the accusations in the docuseries.

One thing royal watchers have noted about the series is that the Palace has come out relatively unscathed.

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Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex put forward several accusations in their docuseries, including Prince William “screaming and shouting” at Harry or that King Charles III said “things that just simply weren’t true”, many of the topics touched on in the Netflix show weren’t exactly new.

“We got a six-episode hodge podge of saccharine home movies, largely already-run claims about the royal family’s dreadful ways, all with the occasional legitimate point wedged in,” Daniela Elser wrote of the series.

A friend of His Majesty reportedly told The Times that the show was not as “damaging to the monarchy as we feared” and called it “self-indulgent, one-sided and exploitive”.

It appears that, for now, the Palace will keep shrugging its shoulders and the Firm will stick to the mantra of the late Queen Elizabeth II: “Never complain, never explain.”

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