King determined Andrew won’t be ‘penniless’ amid inheritance row

Prince Andrew’s case ‘won’t come back’ says Lisa Bloom

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King Charles won’t leave Prince Andrew “penniless” but the brother may clash over how to distribute inheritance from the late Queen Elizabeth II, a royal expert says. Reports claimed last week that the Duke of York was “bewildered” and “in despair” after Charles was the sole beneficiary of the £650million inheritance.

Now, royal expert the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor, Rebecca English, says Charles will make sure Andrew gets something.

She told Palace Confidential: “I’ve been strongly guided that Andrew is not going to be left homeless, he’s not going to be left penniless, he’s [the King’s] brother at the end of the day.

“But maybe what the King sees as a fair settlement and what Andrew sees as a fair settlement are not the same thing.”

It was reported last week that there is some “resentment” among the Queen’s children after Charles was handed the large fortune.

The money was passed directly “from monarch to monarch” because that was the most “tax efficient” way to transfer it, a palace source told the Mail on Sunday.

But this also meant Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward did not receive a single penny.

A friend of Andrew’s told the Mail: “Andrew is in despair. He’s been left completely in the dark.

“Andrew’s a member of the family, for God’s sake, yet he had no idea this was coming.

“I gather he’s checked it out and it’s true. It’s all gone ‘monarch to monarch’.

“What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head? Things are going from bad to worse. It’s a disaster.”

A palace source added: “Andrew hasn’t been uniquely targeted for ill-treatment. Her late Majesty supported her children during her lifetime and had made provision for them already.”

Andrew, Edward, and Anne receive a regular fixed amount from the sovereign grant to cover their costs as working royals.

The Duke of York stepped down from royal duties after he was accused of sexual assault by trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre. Andrew denied the allegations and reached an out-of-court settlement in the US with Ms Giuffre.

It has been reported that Andrew has been asked to leave his royal residence on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Andrew has lived in the Royal Lodge, which has a 98-acre estate, since 2003, when he secured a 75-year lease.

It is thought he will now move into Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s old home.

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