Labour MP mocked for controversial billionaire comment on BBC Newsnight – ‘Power hungry!’

Clive Lewis, Labour’s Shadow Treasury Minister, said he agreed with Bernie Sanders that inequality is out of control in Britain. This, he claimed, was bizarre in a country of billionaires, leading the Labour man to the conclude that billionaire’s shouldn’t in fact exist.

Mr Lewis said: “Billionaire’s shouldn’t exist.

“It’s a travesty that there are people on this planet living on less than a dollar a day.

“There are people, when I walk into Parliament who are sleeping rough on the streets of this country – the sixth wealthiest in this world.

“And yet, we have larger amount of billionaires in this country than ever before.

He continued: “That is wrong.

“Hey, let people make money, let people run a business, but we need to make sure the grotesque levels of inequality in this country are reduced.

“It’s so run away; it’s so out of control; I think most of the British public understand that.”

A Twitter storm followed, with many calling Mr Lewis out for his attack on billionaires.

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One user drew attention to the apparent hypocrisy of Mr Lewis’ words, and wrote: “8.5 years of Austerity but did Labour or the Libdems think it was serious enough to fight Conservative government in court? A BIG NO YOU POWER HUNGRY MUG.”

Another said: “Won’t be the ‘6th wealthiest in the world’ for long if you gain power.”

A separate user shunned the idea of redistribution of wealth.

They wrote: “If the govt collected all the wealth in the country and divided it equally between all citizens, within a year you’d have millions squander their share and end up with nothing while millions of others would have doubled their money.


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“That’s just the way it is.”

Mr Lewis was, however, supported by an equal amount of Twitter users, with many agreeing with his statement that Britain was severely unequal.

One user wrote: “Absolutely correct Clive.

“In time people will be embarrassed to admit having loads of dosh or a grotesque carbon footprint.

“A cultural shift to sharing the earths resources fairly is inevitable.

“A few more twists and turns in the road and we’re there.”

The comments came after Jeremy Corbyn addressed the issue of unequal wealth distribution in the UK, making an attack on some of the UK’s wealthiest leaders.

Those included were financier Crispin Odey, Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley, the Duke of Westminster, as well as Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of a wealthy energy firm, and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The Labour leader accused the businessmen of taking advantage of the UK’s “corrupt system” in a damning examination of capitalism.

This led to Mr Corbyn’s receiving backlash over an apparent lack of knowledge of business and was slammed as having led “a narrow life”.

Speaking at Battersea Arts Centre in south London, Mr Corbyn said: “You know what really scares the elite? What they’re actually afraid of is paying their taxes.

“We’re going after the tax dodgers; we’re going after the dodgy landlords; we’re going after the bad bosses; we’re going after the big polluters. Because we know whose side we’re on.”

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