Labour rift exposed: David Lammy in hysterics as he mocks Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plan

Jeremy Corbyn proposed the party would hold a second Brexit referendum to give Britons an option to either change their mind or agree to leaving the European Union with a newly-negotiated deal. The Labour Party leader however suggested he would remain neutral in the run-up of a new referendum to decide how to vote closer to the date. But speaking to the BBC, Labour MP David Lammy ridiculed the suggestion as he erupted into laughter. 

Speaking to the Today programme, Mr Lammy said: “I think it’s going to be very, very hard knocking on doors with the Conservatives saying, ‘vote for us and have Brexit with no deal,’ and the Liberal Democrats saying, ‘vote for us and we’ll revoke.’

“Very clear positions, whatever you think, and the Labour Party saying, ‘vote for us, we’ll give you a second referendum but we’re making up our mind on what position we’re going to take in that second referendum.

“I just don’t think that’s going to work, let me tell you.”

Labour Party members attending the party’s conference in Brighton on Monday are set to vote whether Labour should openly campaign for Remain or remain neutral like the leadership in the event of a second referendum. 

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Top figures within the party, including Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, have spoken out about the need for Labour to support Remain to secure the support of Britons. 

Ms Thornberry warned the leadership they could lose the party up to 30 percent of support should they fail to back Remain during a new referendum.

And Mr McDonnell told the BBC he would back Remain as that would be “the best option” for Britain.

He said: “I said I’d support Remain because I think it’s the best option but others think there are clearly other options.

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“We’ve seen that when we had the negotiations for six weeks with the Government about the Theresa May.

“The EU at that point were in discussion about other options around a permanent customs union, a closer relationship with the single market. I think people should make their own judgment on this.

“There’ll be some who think that we can get a deal but there are others like myself who don’t think you can get a better deal than Remain. But that’s the whole process of how we bring the country together.”

The motion set to be tabled today claims a new referendum would put the decision on how the UK leaves the EU back into the hands of British voters. 


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The proposal reads: “The NEC welcomes Labour’s commitment to let the people decide Brexit. “Labour will put control of Brexit back in the hands of the people in a new referendum with a real choice between a sensible leave deal or remain.

“A Labour Government would secure a sensible leave deal with the EU within three months, and with six months would put it before the people in a referendum alongside the option to remain.”

Mr Corbyn on Sunday insisted Labour wants to ensure a no deal Brexit is taken off the table as he urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request a further extension to hold a general election.

The Labour Party leader said: “We will put both views to the British people and say ‘this is the best deal we could get, this is the Remain and hopefully reform option.”

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