Labour’s Angela Rayner scolded over ‘cheap shot’ swipe at Sky’s Kay Burley in heated row

The pair clashed regarding Boris Johnson’s call for Britons to return to work this week. The Labour MP stated that Kay Burley was defending the Government. The Sky News’ host blasted Ms Rayner for taking a cheap shot in retaliation to her comment.  

Ms Burley asked: “Should we keep lockdown in place?”

Ms Rayner replied: “We have to keep lockdown in place until they put the measures in place to keep people safe and they haven’t been able to do that.

“They give people 12 hours’ notice before they were going into work.

“That is irresponsible in my view.”

The Sky News host said: “Well that is not true, is it?”

“That was just somebody misspeaking, actually people are going back to work on Wednesday, not Monday.

“It was a mistake, but they weren’t telling people to go back to work on Monday.”

Ms Rayner responded: “The Prime Minister told people to go back into work.

“He addressed the nation on Sunday and told them to go back into work on the Monday.”

Ms Burley said: “Come on when you saw the 50-page document it said Wednesday, didn’t it?”

The Labour Party Deputy leader replied: “Kay you are surely not there to defend the Government on this.”

The Sky News host fired back “Cheap shot Angela Rayner!

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“I am not there to defend the Government, I am there to put you on the spot!

“That is exactly what I am doing, I don’t represent any particular party, you do!

“I am asking for your opinion representing your party.”

Ms Rayner replied: “Will you let me give my opinion then.”

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