Lady Kitty Spencer marries billionaire Michael Lewis, 62, in Italy– Harry & Wills miss out

Lady Kitty Spencer poses on balcony in Rome

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Lady Kitty Spencer, 30, said ‘I do’ in front of her guests gathered at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, a country mansion near Rome. The wedding ceremony is believed to have begun at 6pm on Saturday, but the party went on for hours into the night.

Little is known of the ceremony, as both bride and groom remained tight-lipped about it and haven’t shared snaps from the nuptials on their social media account.

Without any mention of her big day, Lady Kitty yesterday shared a picture of herself sitting on a bench in Florence’s Piazza del Duomo, writing: “The best way to see Piazza del Duomo – early hours of the morning with not a soul in sight”.

However, one major clue her wedding was fast approaching was left by Dutch fashion model Marpessa Hennink, who last week posted a selfie with Diana’s niece with the words: “Team Bride. It’s happening finally.”

Lady Kitty is tipped to have worn a wedding dress by Dolce & Gabbana, being global ambassador for the brand. 

Among those who travelled to Italy to celebrate the happy couple, there were the bride’s twin sisters Eliza and Amelia.

Her friends Viscountess Emma Weymouth and her husband Ceawlin Thynn, the Marquess of Bath, pop star Pixie Lott and her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire, Idris Elba’s wife Sabrina and Made In Chelsea star Mark Vandelli were also in attendance.

The three adult children Mr Lewis, 62, had during his relationship with ex-wife Leola also took part in the couple’s big day.

It is not known whether Lady Kitty’s father Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, travelled to Italy for the nuptials.

On Friday he published a picture of the moon rising above the gardens of his residence, Althorp.

It is also highly unlikely Prince William and Kate were able to travel to Italy to attend the wedding of the Duke’s cousin, given tourists travelling from England to the Mediterranean country are currently required to self-isolate for five days and earlier this week the Cambridges celebrated Prince George’s eighth birthday. 

Similarly, Meghan and Prince Harry are not believed to have crossed the Atlantic to attend the nuptials. 

While the close family of bride and groom have yet to share snaps from the wedding, their friends provided snippets from it on Instagram, showing the venue and the reception.

Before the ceremony, photographer German Larkin shared a video on his Instagram Stories showing the stunning view from Villa Aldobrandini.

Viscountess Weymouth and DJ Marjorie Gubelmann revealed on social media their outfits were made by D&G. 

Fashion designer Jade Holland Cooper posed for pictures with Viscountess Weymouth – and noted on one of the snaps the temperature in Central Italy was a scorching 32C.

And artist Piotr Krzymowski posed in the lavish gardens of Hotel de Russie, where guests are believed to have stayed.

He wrote in the caption: “Next picture with you @kitty.spencer”

As the feast started, Mr Larkin also shared snaps of the wedding reception lightening up during a show of colourful light.

Glimpses of the menu, which included veal and tuna salad, beef broth and pumpkin cream ravioli, baked eggplant and a selection of sweet treats, were also seen on the social media accounts of some of Lady Kitty and Mr Lewis’ guests. 

The entertainment was provided by musicians placed under stunning arches of blooming flowers.

The night of celebration ended on a high with a stunning fireworks display.

Lady Kitty never publicly spoke about her relationship with the fashion tycoon.

She explained her decision during an interview with Town & Country magazine, saying: “It’s not that I don’t place an importance on love.

“It’s because, for me, love is the most important thing in the world, and I will protect it with all my heart by not making it a topic of discussion. 

“You open yourself up to other people having opinions, and it just isn’t relevant to anybody’s life but mine and my family’s.”

Kitty added: “I just look forward to a really happy home life: a happy marriage and happy children.

“And I feel very at peace that things play out the way they should.”

The couple was first spotted kissing in St Tropez in August 2019, when they were seen leaving Club 55.   

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