Last CCTV of 'murdered' teenager shows her shopping with killer before she died

Teen Louise Smith was last seen on CCTV shopping with her killer just one day before she disappeared.

In the footage, Louise, 16, can be seen walking down a road with Shane Mays, 30, before the pair visited a store around 8pm on May 7. It is the last time Louise was seen alive, and her body was later found in a woodland area in Havant, Hampshire, on May 21.

Mays, who was Louise’s uncle, is accused of ‘cruelly and brutally’ killing and defiling the teen, before burning her body. He has admitted ‘losing his temper’ and killing his niece, but denied murdering her in a ‘sexually-motivated’ attack.

Winchester Crown Court heard Louise had suffered ‘multiple blows to the head’, which ‘shattered’ her bones and caused her jawbone to completely detach. The prosecution stated that the ‘most intimate part of her body was penetrated with breathtaking brutality’.

Louise had been living with her Mays and his wife CJ, her aunt, two weeks before her death. Mays had then ‘lured’ the aspiring veterinary nurse to the secluded woodland area, the court was told.

The defendant was said to have previously ‘flirted’ with the teenager while she lived with him, and had playfought and tickled her by pinning her down, the court heard.

The CCTV clip was played to the court as prosecutors described the events that led up to her death. Mays and Louise were seen walking from their Havant flat towards nearby Premier Stores at At 7.49pm, with Mays browsing the alcohol section before buying a bottle.

Louise could then be seen entering Tesco on her own, before the pair returned back to the flat just after 8pm. Prosecutor James Newton-Price told the court: ‘This is the last known CCTV footage of Louise.’

He went on: ‘The burned and decomposed state of Louise’s body was such that we cannot say exactly which of her multiple injuries caused her death. But it is clear that her killer lured or persuaded her to walk to a remote location where he attacked her.

‘We say you can conclude that this was an act of unimaginable cruelty towards a vulnerable 16-year-old girl. The shattering of the bones and the structure of her face, including the complete detachment of her jawbone, indicates multiple blows to her head.

‘The most intimate part of her body was penetrated with breathtaking brutality. There is background evidence that Louise was unhappy in the care of Mays and his wife and that she, an adolescent, was drinking heavily in their flat on the night before she disappeared.

‘Louise Smith was just 16. She was anxious, needy, mentally fragile and vulnerable to attentions of a predatory man who was apparently flirting with her and living in the same small flat.’

Mays admits manslaughter but denies defiling or setting fire to Louise’s body. The trial continues.

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