Leading from the front! Royal plane makes major change as Charles and Camilla jet off

Prince Charles 'more in the spotlight than ever' as future king

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The Prince of Wales and his wife left the UK aboard an Airbus A330s owned by the Royal Air Force earlier this week as they headed to their Royal Tour in the Middle East. The couple is set to spend four days in the region and has already met with the royal family of Jordan after they were welcomed to Al Husseiniya Palace in Amman by Queen Rania of Jordan.

However, this royal tour marks a new era for royal transportation as The RAF Voyager plane they use flew with its tanks full of lower carbon jet fuel known as SAF (sustainable aviation fuel).

SAF is a biofuel that has similar properties to conventional jet fuel.

It is currently more costly than traditional fossil jet fuel given the combination of the current availability of sustainable feedstocks and the continuing development of new production technologies.

However, scientists don’t agree on how sustainable the fuel is, ITV has reported.

Its carbon footprint is measured over the lifecycle of the product – for example, how much carbon did it reduce while growing versus the carbon emitted when burned.

But it is more environmentally friendly than burning fuel made entirely from fossil fuels.

The RAF Airbus A330s will fly the royal couple to Cairo where COP27 will be set in 2022.

They will meet with President Sisi and the First Lady and hold talks on protecting the environment.

Charles and Camilla will then fly again to Alexandria before coming back to the UK at the end of the week.

The new eco-friendly private jet is shared between senior royals and the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson last used it to fly to Rome to attend the G7 before coming back to the UK to Glasgow for COP26.

Earlier this month, Prince Charles faced criticism after he said he spent the last 50 years “trying to raise awareness” on climate change.

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Al-Jazeera reported that the Queen’s son and his wife have a carbon footprint 96x higher than the average person — releasing 430+ tonnes of CO2 per year, mostly with private jets and helicopters.

The Middle East media outlet claimed that the royal family produces 1,749x more carbon emissions than the average person, while the Queen has reportedly exempted herself from clean energy laws in Scotland.

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