Liverpool rats attack toddler in bed in ‘horror film’

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A toddler was attacked in bed by a rat in the latest Liverpool “vermin problem”. The child’s mum walked into her son’s room and described seeing the rodeo as like walking in on a scene “from a horror movie”.

The four-year-old boy was bitten on the face by the rat while he was sleeping in his bed.

The incident took place at a rented house in Walton, with the boy rushed to Alder Hey hospital.

His mother was feeding her newborn baby at the time, and said: “It was like something from a nightmare or a horror movie, I am still traumatised by it all. 

“I heard my two-year-old son crying from his bed and when I walked in he was covered in blood.”

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, the mum continued: “I fell to my knees in shock, I had no idea what had happened until I saw the rat run past me. 

“My four-year-old saw it all with me and has been having nightmares ever since.”

A note from the hospital, seen by the Echo, described the toddler’s injuries as: “Multiple rat bites from feral rat this morning while sleeping at home address. 

“Patient referred to plastic surgeons and infection diseases in Alder Hey.”

Dan Carden, Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, posted on Twitter after the news broke.

He said: “After being contacted about this horrific story, I visited the family, who are traumatised. 

“They live in a clean and pleasant home, but the area is blighted by rats.

“The unacceptable extent of vermin problems in parts of our city demands urgent action.”


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It comes after the Echo previously reported that residents in Page Moss have seen large rats “running wild” in the area.

The outlet reported numerous complaints from residents, from rats running around gardens to chewing through people’s cars.

A woman said: “It’s horrendous. I can’t do much because I’m disabled but at one point a rat chewed through my ceiling and I begged Livv Housing for help. 

“Eventually it got through and my dog killed it. Before my dog goes out in the garden I have to clean thousands of rat droppings in the morning.

“The dog has an infection in her mouth I believe is from the rats. The front garden is also horrendous. The rats are dying in my bin and it’s filled with maggots.

“It’s a living hell, like being back in the Victorian times in days of squalor, the black death.”

Knowsley councillors, council officers, representatives from local housing association Livv Housing and United Utilities were all previously reported to have been on the streets of Page Moss in a bid to tackle the vermin situation.

The council confirmed to the ECHO it will continue to work with partners, residents, businesses and landlords to tackle any rat infestations in the area, including sewer baiting, pest control and action days as well as offering advice.

A Knowsley Council spokesperson added they will continue to work with partners, residents, businesses, and landlords to tackle any rat infestations in Page Moss.

They said: “If residents have a problem with rats, they can contact our Pest Control team at to request advice and treatment. If they believe that this is evidence of a wider problem, they can contact our Environmental Health Team on 0151 443 4712 or by email at [email protected]

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