London Fire Brigade in urgent plea as children spotted on frozen pond

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London Fire Brigade (LFB) has issued an urgent plea after “very young” children were spotted walking on a frozen pond. One passerby said they were “horrified” by the scene.

LFB responded with an urgent plea to members of the public.

A spokesperson said: “Sadly more examples of people walking on frozen ponds in London.

“In the strongest way possible please do not do this!

“Help us spread this message.”

This came less than one week after four young boys died after falling through ice into a lake in Solihull.

The children were pulled from the freezing Babbs Mill lake in cardiac arrest last Sunday and died soon after.

Officials cited the horrific incident as a warning of the dangers of walking on frozen ponds, but reports from across the country suggest many are still taking part in the activity.

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Responding to LFB’s statement, a hospital social worker wrote in a post online that her sister “was in St Albans today and there were loads of people on the pond”.

The user added: “I was shocked after what happened earlier this week.”

Other emergency service stations across the country have also warned locals to be aware of the dangers of walking on frozen ponds and lakes.

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“PLEASE explain to children that playing on ice is very dangerous.”

It added: “The state of ice changes with the ambient temperature, what may support weight one minute, may fail the next. We don’t need to stress how dangerous this is, you only need to look at the news.

“Cold water shock kills, and it puts other people who want to save lives at risk.

“If you see someone playing on the ice please ask them to come safely to the bank, if you need to call 999, please do.”

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