London mayhem as anti-lockdown protestors descend on Freedom Day

Anti-vaccination protesters gather in Parliament Square

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Today marks the day where all COVID-19 restrictions across England have ended, despite the rising number of new coronavirus cases. Now, footage shared on social media shows hundreds of people outside Westminster protesting Freedom Day.

The footage sees large groups of unmasked people outside Westminster, with many holding banners reading: “Liberty!”

One person shared a video of a violent clash between police and protestors.

They tweeted: “Kicking off – bottles being throw at the police anti lockdown protesters and police fighting back with some punches at parliament square, a good 2000 protesters here and a heavy police presence…

“In this heat it’s going to be a long day of clashes.”

Many people took to Twitter to point out how all restrictions in England have now ended.

One person tweeted: “Do they realise that today is literally freedom day?

“Are they okay?”

Another person said: “We’re not in a lockdown any more fellas.”

Others asked why these people are not at work on a Monday.

One person said: “Two questions:

“1. Why are they protesting when restrictions have just been lifted?

“2. Don’t any of them have jobs to go to on a Monday?”

While many claimed it is a protest against lockdown, others said it s against mandatory coronavirus vaccines and passports.

But others pointed out, neither of these things currently exist in the country.

One person tweeted: “People protesting something that doesn’t exist (inc mandatory passports/vaccines).

“This is pathetic.”

More to follow…

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