London parking horror as traffic wardens rake in £30k of fines a DAY

A Place in the Sun guests raise parking concerns with Laura

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It reveals the London borough has made more than £1,200 per hour which amounts to £10.8million from an average of 227,225 parking fines. This amounts to a whopping £29,630 per day, or £1,235 an hour.

Preston, at the other end of the scale, receives just £131 per day in parking fines on a total of only six PCNs every 24 hours.

Rivervale Leasing sent Freedom of Information requests to 30 councils in the most populated areas of the UK asking for the number of PCNs issued for parking offences as well as the amount of income received.

The results show that overall the councils raised £45million per year from parking violations.

Bud Johnston, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale, said: “Never overlook a parking fine, whether it’s from a council or a private company.

“If you feel like your ticket has been issued unfairly, it’s best to go through the proper channels to appeal.

“Research shows that three in five tickets are challenged successfully so you could have a chance of overturning an incorrect fine.”

He recommended thinking very carefully before appealing with fines doubling or even tripling if a person takes too long to pay.

Free guidance is available from Citizens Advice or at forums including PePiPoo.


Some councils can charge up to £130 per fine, but this can increase if a case goes to court.

Number crunchers analysed data from January 2016 to September 2021 in order to find an average rate of PCNs per day.

The research shows that on average the local authorities included in the study take £121,994 every 24 hours from PCNs, equivalent to £5,083 per hour.

While Islington takes top spot, Manchester is second with 417 tickets per day, netting the council £13,128.

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Brighton and Hove comes next taking an average £12,611 from 333 tickets issued daily, according to the research.

Exeter, Allerdale, Belfast, Blackburn, Newport, Warrington, Wigan, Wolverhampton and Peterborough issued the fewest tickets, ranging from six to 46 a day and taking from £145 to £1,308.

Some PCNs see higher penalties than others so one council may receive more money than another for the same number of fines.

The study comes as Living Streets, a charity campaigning for better roads for pedestrians, urged the Government to issue its response to a Pavement Parking consultation, which closed over a year ago.

The organisation sent a letter to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps asking why Ministers had not yet acted on the outcome.

It said doing nothing is not an option and something needed to be done to achieve progress on this long-standing problem.

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