Long Live the Queen! UK monarch should not abdicate in wake of Philip’s death – historian

Lady Gabriella: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrive

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On Saturday, the British monarch laid Prince Philip to rest in a moving ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. The Royal couple had been married for 73 years, throughout which time the Duke of Edinburgh loyally supported his wife as she carried out her official duties The UK sovereign described her husband as a source of “constant strength”.

Since his passing, speculation has been rife that the Queen, who will turn 95 next week, may be considering stepping down as monarch.

Alison Weir told that the Queen should remain on the throne for the duration of her natural life.

In a February interview, the Royal author said: “I am a monarchist in so far as I think monarchy is for life.

“I think she should (keep going) although I think clearly Charles is taking some duty for her – she doesn’t do the foreign tours now.

“I don’t see why she should not. That is the nature of monarchy.

“You are invested at your coronation and sanctified to reign for your natural life.”

A new poll by Find Out Now shows young Brits and women are overwhelmingly in favour of William succeeding his grandmother to the throne, when the time comes.

Among 18-24 year olds, almost 47 percent chose William and just 25 percent went for his father, Prince Charles.

A similar stark contrast can be seen among the next age group – those between 25 and 34.

Almost 49 percent from this age bracket opted for the Duke of Cambridge, as opposed to 27.55 percent for the Prince of Wales.

In further bad news for the Prince of Wales, as many as 52.9 percent of women wanted William to succeed his grandmother, with only 33.88 percent supporting Charles.

However, Ms Weir is adamant that Prince Charles would make an “excellent” king and there is no reason at all for him to step aside in favour of his eldest son.


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The Royal historian explained: “Constitutionally there is no provision for it so why would there be.

“When kings have abdicated in the past they have usually done so under duress many many centuries ago or they have done so for love like Edward VIII.

“So why would Charles wish to abdicate when he has been trained for kingship and will probably make an excellent king.”

She added: “I do think he is fit to be king. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be king .”

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