Lowry has found love again after her harrowing ordeal

Mary Lowry has found love again after a harrowing court process where she felt as if she was on trial.

The mother of three gave crucial evidence during the murder trial of Patrick Quirke, stating that she had “bared her soul” for the sake of justice.

Ms Lowry previously had an affair with the accused, but was later going out with the victim, part-time DJ Bobby Ryan.

She told the ‘Mail on Sunday’ she was in a new relationship. It is understood that she has been dating the man for a year and enjoys dancing and socialising.

Ms Lowry also said she felt like she herself was on trial during the long, 15-week process at the Central Criminal Court.

The case became known as the ‘love rival trial’ because of the link between the accused and the victim.

However, sources close to the investigation believe it was also about money and land, and yesterday the ‘Sunday Independent’ revealed fresh claims that Quirke had racked up losses of more then €1m gambling on stocks and shares.

He had also reportedly been investing in property in Eastern Europe, including:

  • €70,000 in a €5.5m commercial property fund in Warsaw.
  • €140,000 in a €21m Warsaw property fund that required a minimum investment of €100,000.
  • €100,000 in another Warsaw scheme which was under discussion at an investor meeting, attended by Quirke, the night before Mr Ryan was murdered.

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