Lucky schoolgirl ‘retires at 11’ after ‘making £110k selling toys’

An 11-year-old Australian girl is finally ready to start high school, but there’s one small thing that sets her apart – she reportedly just made £110,000 in a single month selling fidget spinners. The daughter of PR guru Roxy Jacenko, Pixie Curtis had already allegedly made a fortune through accessory brand Pixie’s Bows.

According to, Pixie’s fidget spinner-selling business, which she is said to have launched herself, made $200,000 (£110,000) in its first month.

Ms Jacenko has previously claimed that her daughter’s success meant she could retire at 15 years old as a millionaire.

The young girl’s 11th birthday party has also earned her notoriety after the lavish event, which reportedly cost $40,000, went viral.

She is also the proud owner of a $270,000 Mercedes Benz Gl – even though she’s years off being able to drive it.

But now Pixie is turning away from business in order to focus on academia as she prepares to begin high school.

Roxy told “Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school…

“In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that while it has been an amazing journey starting some three years ago, it was time to refocus with high school just around the corner.

“While the Pixie’s Pix online store will remain, it will go back to how it began in 2011 – as the best destination for children’s hair accessories and hair bows known as Pixie’s Bows – something that we will continue to manage together but with a lot less time/pressure for Pixie.”

Roxy also said that what excites her most about Pixie’s success is “the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age”.

Her daughter’s online presence and unusual upbringing have not gone without their critics, however, with Ms Jacenko shooting back at critics who slammed her daughter’s “extravagant” Christmas wishlist last year.

The PR mogul said the people who found issue with her daughter Pixie’s Christmas wishlist had “too much time on their hands”.

The handwritten wishlist, shared on their Instagram page, separated her desired gifts into two categories – expensive and mid/cheap – and featured such items as a $9000 Goyard handbag, a $135 bikini set and Yeezy trainers which retail for around $600.

On the “cheaper” side, Pixie asked for Kim Kardashian ‘Skims’ soft lounge tank that sells for $70, a Tiger Mist ‘Tori’ dress for $40 and two Summer halter bikini tops that retail for $89 each.

The year prior, Roxy made headlines after buying Pixie a £193,000 fleet of cars, including a £43,000 Mercedes Benz.

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