Lurcher who’s spent eight years at Yorkshire dog rescue shelter desperate for a home

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Benny, who is thought to be aged between nine and 10 years old, the dog has been a resident at Lurcher Link Rescue, near Halifax, since January 2013. Arriving covered in scars and calluses, suffering from worms and underweight, the young pup was found sleeping on a hard floor in a stray pound.

Volunteers are unsure whether Benny once had a home, but it was clear he was a neglected animal and has been waiting eight years and seven months for an owner.

Despite having trial periods with various homes, the canine has been returned numerous times due to families struggling to cope leaving him home alone.

All the volunteers who have helped raise and show the four-legged pup love and affection all this time are keen to see Benny go to a loving home and a permanent sofa to rest on.

A volunteer walker at Lurcher Link Rescue described him as “a star and a real sweetie” who “was great on the lead and loves cuddles”.

Another said: “We met Benny yesterday and walked him. He pulled a little at first, but was well behaved once he understood not to do it.

“He’s a nice looking lad, with a lovely, fun-loving nature. He was quite alert a lot of the time, watching what was going on across in the surrounding fields.

“He was attentive though and willing to please.”

Since opening in 2003, the Lurcher Link Rescue has saved nearly 1,000 Lurchers who otherwise might have been put to sleep.

The kennels helped Benny put on weight and socialised him with other dogs and people, transforming him into the happy and loyal hound.

Anyone interested in adopting Benny can visit Lurcher Link Rescue’s official website for more details.


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