Machete-wielding gang hack at man before chasing him down Birmingham street

Gang chase man along street with machetes

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The attack occurred in the middle of a residential street as four thugs attacked one man on his own. The horrifying incident was captured on camera as motorists and residents watched on in fear.

The thugs then proceeded to chase the other knifeman along the street in the middle of Alum Rock, Birmingham.

During the video, one horrified onlooker is heard saying “madness in Alum Rock man” as the gang chase the knifeman.

While the gang are chasing the knifeman, the gang are heard shouting various obscenities in their pursuit of the man.

As the video continues, concerned motorists are heard beeping their horns at the ongoing incident.

The video also shows a postwoman leaning against a lamppost as she watches on in horror during the incident.

Since the video was posted on Instagram, it has now been viewed by thousands of people.

Users of both Facebook and Twitter have since taken to their respective social media outlets to express their concerns about the incident.

One Facebook user wrote: “Sad to see this man.

“Them blades are huge!

Another Facebook user added: “This is scarily all too common now, differences being settled by weapons.

One Facebook user also questioned whether this was normal in society now as they posted: “Is this really the world we live in now, where gangs of knife-wielding thugs openly fight in the street in broad daylight?”

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Another user commented: “Those aren’t just kitchen knives, look at the size of them!

“People are walking our streets with these. Absolutely bonkers.”

Chelmsley Wood News also took to Twitter to say that this was not a rare incident to occur in the area as they said: “Unfortunately this is just another day in inner city Birmingham.”

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