Madeleine McCann prosecutor says paedophile suspect doesn’t even claim to have alibi

Madeleine McCann vigil in Rothley, 15 years after going missing

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The 15th anniversary of Madeline’s disappearance passed this month and the investigation into the still unknown events continues. This is being led by Hans Christian Wolters, who is based in the German city of Braunschweig. He believes Christian Brueckner is behind the disappearance.

Brueckner is understood to have lived on the Algarve coast in Portugal when Madeline went missing.

Reports suggest his mobile phone also received a half-hour phone call in Praia da Luz around an hour before this took place.

Mr Wolters has now insisted Brueckner will find it difficult to defend himself because he has “no alibi”.

He, quoted in the Daily Star, said: “It’s a fact that the suspect has no alibi.

“We found nobody who gives Christian B an alibi.

“And the suspect doesn’t claim an alibi.”

The prosecutor also hit back against a defence of Brueckner.

TV investigator Mark Williams-Thomas is understood to believe the man was innocent when it comes to the case of Madeline McCann.

Mr Wolters claimed this was a result of “[the fact he] doesn’t know the files”.

He added that, because of this, “we are not surprised by his opinion”.

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Brueckner has been under investigation for the disappearance of the then three-year-old girl for around two years and denies any involvement.

He is currently in jail in Germany for the rape of a 72-year-old American tourist in Portugal.

In 2020, Madeline’s parents were told it was assumed their daughter was dead.

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Mr Wolters said he had written to Kate and Gerry McCann but could not confirm how he had come to his conclusion.

He told the Mirror: “We, of course, really consider the fact that it is going to be very hard for the family when we tell them we assume Madeline is dead.

“But we can’t say why she is dead. It is more important that we are successful and we are able to get the culprit, as opposed to just putting our cards on the table and tell them why we think she might be.”

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