‘Majority fear delay!’ Tory MP responds to no deal Brexit warning

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In a poll by Number Cruncher Politics, almost two-thirds of those interviewed in the Cumbrian seat of Workington believe the government should offer an extension to the transition period if the EU asks for one. Writing in a Times opinion piece, journalist Rachel Sylvester declared that, “former Labour voters in the north and Midlands say the transition period should be extended to avoid economic harm.” In response to the assumption that former Labour voters in the north who switched to Conservative to get Brexit done want an extension, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke Jonathan Gullis said his constituents want the exact opposite.

He tweeted: “Certainly not what I see or hear from my constituents in Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke.

“The majority fear another extension.

“This is based on the communications I receive.

“I proudly campaigned for leave & voted for leave.

“It’s time to deliver.”

Another Twitter user commented to show their support for this viewpoint

They tweeted: “And not what I’m hearing either Jonathon.

“Even those that voted to remain have accepted it and just want to get on with it so we can rebuild as an independent country.

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“It’s only those in opposition parties who are still desperately trying to derail it.”

Another tweeted: “Anyone who wants to be in the EU can catch a ferry to the other side of the channel and get their feet wet there.”

The poll results come as Downing Street has accused the European Union of trying to drag out Brexit negotiations until it was too late to do a deal.

Senior government figures claimed that Brussels was either “not ready or not willing to inject momentum” into the negotiations and make the compromises necessary for an agreement.

It has been reported by negotiators on the UK side that Brussels has been quietly pushing for the UK to agree on an extension to the transition period.

This would be to give the talks more time to reach a comprehensive agreement.

But, this has been ruled out by Mr Johnson who has said that the UK would walk away and prepare for a no-trade deal Brexit on December 31.

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