‘Make a great Queen!’ Her Majesty approves of Kate as her successor says royal insider

Kate Middleton at University College London

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Queen Elizabeth is said to be a “big fan” of the Duchess, particularly of her calm and unflappable nature. Her Majesty especially admires the way Kate is able to balance her royal commitments with a busy family life. And although the Queen and Kate do not enjoy an “intimate relationship”, the monarch’s admiration and respect for her daughter-in-law has only grown with time.

A royal source told Us Weekly that Her Majesty harboured no doubts whatsoever that the Duchess of Cambridge would be a worthy successor to her title.

“Over time, Kate has proved to Elizabeth that she can be trusted and they’ve developed a great relationship,” they said.

“Elizabeth feels confident that Kate will make a great queen.”

In a sign of her deep appreciation for the Duchess, the Queen awarded her with the Royal Family Order, the highest honour the monarch can bestow on a female member of the family.

The royal insider went on to reveal that although the Duchess of Cambridge is “slightly nervous” about stepping into the Queen’s shoes, she is nonetheless ready to make her mark.

“She’s always up for a challenge, believes in herself and feels that she has developed the wisdom, courage and strength to be a success,” they explained.

Kate entered the Royal Family, fully understanding the role she would have to play.

She had a profound knowledge of the royal institution and what it expected of those joining its ranks.

In the words of royal expert Rupert Bell, Kate is a “traditional English rose”, who understands the British “stiff upper lip” mentality of hiding your emotions, as well as the poise and grace required for the role.

The Duchess has worked meticulously at cultivating her royal persona to such an extent, that sacrifices have had to be made.

Kate knows that she can never be spontaneous and carefree whenever she is in public, as long as she is the wife of the future king of England.

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An insider told People: “Kate knows the importance of the institution and her role to play.

“She knows that being a member of the royal family is a bit like having a contract, you sign on the dotted line and you deliver.

“Kate is in her element right now, she’s really stuck at it and persevered with what she believes in.”

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