Mammoth whirlpool opens up off Scotland coast – jaw-dropping images captured by drone

Countryfile: Village may be evacuated due to coastal flooding

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Stunning images from a drone near the small, rural village of Lendalfoot in South Ayrshire gives a fascinating glimpse into the phenomenon. Accountant Paul Young, 46, was lucky enough to catch the images of the whirlpools last night.

Confirmation from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has shown that the incredible moment was caused by rainwater coming into contact with wastewater.

This wastewater is said to have come from a nearby landfill site after being pumped out to the sea.

A SEPA spokesman said: “We are aware of reports of a visible upwelling off the coast at Lendalfoot, South Ayrshire, on Sunday October 31.

“This is a routine permitted discharge of treated landfill leachate from Straid Farm Landfill.

“Leachate is rainwater which has come in to contact with waste within a landfill.

“It is collected within lined containment cells and then treated prior to discharge to the environment.”

They continued: “Given the heavy and sustained rainfall over the last couple of weeks there has been an increased volume of leachate needing to be treated and discharged.

“This will have resulted in a prolonged discharge and more noticeable visual impact than normal.

“SEPA will continue to monitor compliance with the operator’s permit.”

Mr Young said: “I had assumed it was a riptide and it looked a bit like a whirlpool.

“I posted it on social media to see if anyone knew.

“I’ve had loads of folk saying things from herring spawning to effluent, burst pipes, to methane leaks to possible explosives.”

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The phenomenon comes after people in Dumfries were forced to flee their homes after flooding in the town.

Banks in the River Nith were burst prompting an evacuation in the town.

As well as this, two bridges were also dragged down in Annan after a swollen waterway impacted them.

Andy Brown, flood risk manager for the Environment Agency, said: “I’m very grateful many thousands of properties avoided being flooded because of those magnificent flood defences.”

The Met Office had issued yellow warnings across Scotland and Wales last weekend.

However, the yellow warnings have since been extended as the UK expects to be battered by even more flooding over the coming week.

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