Man accused of sexually assaulting medical student leaves court and doesn't want to proceed with case – court hears

A man accused of sexually assaulting a female nightclubber in a Dublin street disappeared during his case yesterday.

Richard Duncan (42) was in court after allegedly “grabbing at” the woman, a medical student in her 20s, in the early hours after Valentine’s Day as she was walking to Copper Face Jacks nightclub.

After a recess in the hearing, the accused’s barrister, Lydia Daly, told the court Mr Duncan had left and did not wish to proceed with the case.


He had been photographed outside and was getting “agitated by the whole situation, and the court in general”, she said.

Dublin District Court heard the prosecution could proceed in Mr Duncan’s absence but Judge Paula Murphy said she would rather the accused was present given the nature of the charge.

She issued a warrant for Mr Duncan’s arrest.

Mr Duncan, of Carrig Villas, Greystones, Co Wicklow, pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting the woman on February 15, 2017.

The alleged victim told the court she had been in Copper Face Jacks with a friend and at around 2am they left and went to Camden Street to get some food.

They met a man walking down the street near Eddie Rocket’s.

She did not know him and had never seen him before, she said.

“He said to me as he was walking by ‘you’re looking well’, or something like that,” the woman said.

She might have told him to “go away” but she was not sure, she said.

She and her friend got food in a takeaway and then, half an hour later, they walked back to the club.

On the way, the same man walked past them at about the same place as before.


After he had gone by, she alleged, he “grabbed at me just above my bum”.

“I told him something along the lines of ‘go away’, I was taken aback, I wasn’t expecting it to happen, I was upset,” she said.

She reported the incident to gardai after sunrise and made a statement.

The court heard the woman later said she wanted to withdraw her complaint.

She told the court this was because she had been under a lot of pressure with college work at the time.

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