Man appeals to Liveline for help finding daughter to pass on her mother's last words before she died in crash

A man has appealed for help to find the daughter of a woman from Northern Ireland who died in his arms following a crash in Mullingar around 15 years ago.

‘Thomas’ phoned the RTE radio show Liveline on Thursday to tell the presenter Joe Duffy he wants to tell the daughter of the woman, who was called Lindsay, that her mother’s last words were “I have one daughter and I love her”.

He described the crash, which he said happened around the year 2004, as the worst thing that ever happened to him in his life.

“It was about 15 years ago and I was coming out of Mullingar town.

“I was in the filling station and I was pulling out and there was a little red Peugeot in front of me and I was waiting to cross the road and and my neighbour was behind me,” he said.

Thomas told Liveline there’s a bad corner in Mullingar called Lynn’s Cross and that he could tell the car wasn’t familiar with the road.

“It was a yellow number plate and it went across the road and hit a van and rolled down the road a few times.”

Thomas went to the car and saw a man who was unconscious but breathing.

“The girl, I held her head up, and I asked her name – her name was Lindsay. She said “I have one daughter and I love her”.

“I told her she was going to be grand and help was on the way.

“I held her head up and she died.”

Thomas said Lindsay was a woman of around 35 years old and that he doesn’t know what part of Northern Ireland she was from.

“She went real peacefully and she went quick.

“There’s not one day or night that goes by that I don’t think about it and I’ll never forget.”

He told the Joe Duffy he hopes he will be able to trace Lindsay’s daughter to pass on her mother’s last words.

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