Man caught smoking in toilet hauled off Ryanair plane by armed police

Ryanair passengers have mid-air 'rave'

Armed police hauled a passenger off a Ryanair plane after he was caught by cabin crew smoking in the toilet during a flight.

Fellow passengers took photographs capturing the moment when the man, who was wearing flip-flops, was frogmarched off the aircraft after it landed at Manchester Airport.

The flight was returning from Palma, and it is alleged that the man was found to be smoking within half-an-hour of take-off from Majorca.

On touchdown, two officers boarded the plane and took the tourist, who was wearing a grey T-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap, to the ground.

Passengers, many of whom were travelling in family groups, had been told to remain in the seats after the plane had landed.

Only after the man was led away were they then told by cabin crew that they could leave the plane.

One traveller said that cabin staff were alarmed to smell smoke coming from the toilet early in the flight.

The dad, who was travelling with his two young girls, told Manchester Evening News: “I was really pleased because they named and shamed the person.

“If you’re willing to have a smoke and put 180 souls on board lives at risk, then you should be named and shamed.

“It (the man was smoking) was literally about 20 minutes after take-off.

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“One of the flight attendants could smell smoke coming from the toilet. They took all his details and then announced it to the whole plane.”

He added that the alleged smoker appeared  “relatively calm” but  the rest of the flight had been left “on edge”.

“There were a few people not happy on that plane,” he said, adding that there were a number of families on the aircraft.

“I was with my two daughters who are seven and 10. They were pretty frightened.”

Statutory rules mean that smoking is not permitted onboard any flight within Europe at at any time.

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