Man finds Tesco receipt from 1997 and people are stunned at the prices

A man has discovered a Tesco receipt from 1997 and people can’t believe the prices.

He found the piece of paper in the case of an old cassette he’d bought and decided to share the discovery on Reddit.

Remarkably, he made the discovery on July 25 this week and the receipt is dated July 25, 1997, making it exactly 26 years old.

Seventeen out of the 22 items on the list – mostly everyday food products – cost less than a pound, while four were less than £2.

One item, costing substantially more at £10.99, has been crossed out, so it’s not clear what it was.

The total shopping basket came to £27.26.

Many people on Reddit were surprised at just how low the prices were compared to today, though a few also remarked that garlic bread, 99p at the time, costs around the same today.

The receipt finder posted a photo of the receipt with the caption: ‘Bought an old cassette today and found a receipt inside, looked down and saw the date was 25/07/1997, 26 years ago today!’

Among the products listed are mayonnaise for 49p, cooking oil for 53p, mushy peas at 35p, Weetabix at 65p, St Ivel Gold butter at 53p and flowers for just £1.66.

Nearly a thousand comments have been left under the post, reports Lad Bible, with one Reddit user saying they had added all the items to a Tesco basket online, estimating the unknown £10.99 item now cost £15 and the total had come to £60.13.

This calculation would mean a total price-hike of £32.87 since 1997.

The minimum wage at the time was £3.40 an hour while today it’s £10.42, three times as much.

Several Reddit users expressed nostalgia for a time not affected by soaring inflation and a cost of living crisis, describing the prices 26 years ago as ‘freaking heaven’.

Some were particularly shocked butter only cost 53p at the time.

But a few people were actually surprised the items weren’t cheaper.

Some wondered why garlic bread and shower cream hadn’t change much in price over the years, with one person saying you can buy garlic bread for 90p today.

Last week the Office for National Statistics announced that prices in the UK were rising at 7.9%, as opposed to 8.7% in June.

Although this shows the rate at which prices are rising has slowed down, experts warned 7.9% is still very high and households are still ‘feeling the pain’.

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