Man slams furniture company for delivering ‘wrong piece’ for corner sofa

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Alan Ratcliffe and his wife Victoria were left shocked when a piece of their brand new corner sofa arrived in a completely different colour. The couple paid £2,000 for the sofa last June, but when it arrived in September and Alan unwrapped it, he discovered a “slit” on the corner piece.

After contacting the furniture company, Cousins, they sent someone to assess the damage.

The couple claim they were promised a new corner piece by November, but nothing arrived.

However, it was finally delivered four months later – but it was the wrong piece and the wrong colour, reports StokeonTrentLive.

Forklift engineer Alan says Cousins delivered a brown corner piece, and that the couple are still waiting for the correct furniture more than a year later.

The 48-year-old, from Bradwell, Staffordshire, said: “The delivery driver said that’s not the right piece at all. My wife saw it and she just couldn’t believe it.

“She rang me and told me and we were both furious. We got back in touch with them and they said they will get it sorted.

“We had a letter last week saying they’ve had confirmation that the corner is being built. I’m like ‘you’re only having it built now?’

“We haven’t had a date as to when it will arrive but I reckon it will be around September time.

“By that time the sofa we have got would have sun faded and it’s going to be totally worn – when we have this new piece delivered it’s going to be totally out of place.”

Alan added: “I am very disappointed and we will never go there again, not for anything. There’s not been proper communication from them.

“I’ve been down in the shop and they are still selling the same settee so why can’t they make ours or give us a corner?

“We’d like a new piece or a new settee. It’s the least they can do for what they’ve done, their lack of sympathy is disappointing.”

Cousins have refused to comment on this case to “protect our customers’ privacy”.

However, a spokesperson said: “Cousins Furniture is a member of The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman, who are independent, not-for-profit organisation specialising in dispute resolution services for consumers and businesses.

“As a local independent family-run furniture retailer in the Midlands, we take each issue and complaint seriously and always work with customers to try to come up with an acceptable resolution.

“With that in mind, customers can raise their concerns with the Furniture Ombudsman, that provides independent mediation and legal advice on any matters raised and ensures that all concerns are resolved in a correct manner.”

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