Man takes ‘petty revenge’ on driver who parked across two spaces outside a gym

A man was applauded for his “petty” revenge on a fellow driver who parked across two spaces outside a gym. Sharing his experience on the social media platform Reddit, the user, from Ipswich, shared a photo of the Volvo SUV that was occupying two spaces in a busy car park.

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The gym-goer hilariously decided to write a note on the 4×4’s bonnet with a colouring book, making driver learn a lessorn on how to “stay inside the lines”.

He wrote: “In an extremely full car park I found this guy taking two places to himself. Left him a colouring book to help him learn to stay inside the lines.”

Posting the photo of the colouring book, the man explained he happened to have a colouring book on hand as he had thought of the prank when he came across a similar situation last summer.

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Last year he had rushed to buy a colouring book, but the car had gone by the time he got back.

He wrote: “So, I actually saw another car parked horribly in this same car park last summer and before coming back to my car bought the book for him, but alas, he had gone.

“Well, it has been waiting for such a p*** to appear ever since and today was its lucky day.”

He continued: “Generally, I think people are annoyed at this sort of thing because it is a certain level of selfishness in taking two spaces and assuming you are more important than whoever else might want to park there and the rules of those pesky lines don’t apply to you, the fact that the space next to them isn’t available isn’t the primary annoying factor.”

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He told the Sun Online: “I left him a colouring book to help him learn to stay inside the lines. I felt pretty annoyed. I don’t like seeing people taking more space than necessary.”

His “petty revenge” was praised by several social media users who said they are going to do the same in the future.

One person wrote: “You are so petty. Respect.”

Another said: “Best prank ever would be to paint the white line up and over the Volvo corresponding with the line on the ground.

“OP can you put a can of paint in your car and some painters tape for the next one you see and report back?”

Another said: “The balls on this guy, I can understand the two lane parking if they had a flashy motor they wanted to show off. This is just someone with delusions of grandeur.

“In all honesty, I will be buying a colouring in book for such occasions.”

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