Man who 'found broken glass in quiche' insulted at Aldi's £30 goodwill voucher

A man bit into a three-centimetre piece of glass while eating a cheese and onion quiche from Aldi, he claims.

James Smith, 68, was enjoying dinner at home in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, when his teeth hit something hard.

He said he was left ‘stunned and horrified’ to discover he’d chomped down on a piece of broken glass.

The retired paramedic became even more horrified when he poked around his plate and found another glass fragment, he claims.

James told StokeonTrentLive: ‘It looked like a very long stem of a wine glass or a laboratory pipette. One piece was about three centimetres long and the other four centimetres.

‘As a former paramedic I’ve seen the things that can happen when you ingest something sharp.’

James complained about the danger on social media, but Aldi said it would be ‘difficult to investigate’ because he had other products on his plate.

The supermarket giant has suggested there is no way to know for sure whether the broken glass came from its quiche, or from the cauliflower cheese and baked beans James was eating it with.

Nevertheless, the supermarket chain offered James a £30 voucher as a ‘gesture of goodwill’.

But James dubbed this offer an ‘insult’.

He said: ‘I’m not interested in money. The glass could have lacerated the inside of my mouth, my throat, my oesophagus, and my stomach.’

Aldi said: ‘We have apologised to Mr Smith that this product did not meet our usual high standards.

‘We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all products go through stringent checks and quality controls.

‘We would encourage Mr Smith to return the item so that we can investigate the matter fully with our supplier.’

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