‘Manners!’ Parents praised for what schoolboys did to café owner for six years

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The young men visited Agnes’ Place in Airdrie, Lanarkshire four times a week throughout their time at school – even lending a hand during the busier periods. Owner Agnes McCann has praised the boys after they delivered a bouquet of flowers to staff member, Elayne Gentle who looked after them during the six years.

She told Glasgow Live: “The boys are absolute gentlemen. They’ve been coming here four days a week since they started school and they’ve never been any trouble.

“They’re such a lovely group of boys who are a real credit to their parents.

“They all used their own money to buy flowers for Elayne and have them delivered with a card.

“Elayne has always looked after them when they’re in and they have a really nice relationship.

“They’ll often help out if the cafe is busy by clearing tables – not for money, just to be kind.

“They’ve always phoned their orders ahead of time as well which is a godsend when you’ve 40 to 50 school kids in at once.”

Ahead of finishing school, the St Margaret’s pupils visited the café for their final lunch, bringing with them flowers and a card to present to Elayne, but sadly she was off work with Covid that day.

To ensure the boys could give Elayne the farwell she deserved, Agnes invited them back for a free meal.

Agnes added: “We’re sad to see them go but wish them all the best in the future.

“We have a lot of kids here from St Margaret’s and they’re always no problem to serve and always pick up their litter – but I’d have to say the boys are definitely in our top 10 favourite customers.

“It’s just so lovely to see that in this day and age, there are still kids out there with manners. They’ve really been brought up well and are gentlemen.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation and hope they’re just as good.”

A post about the kind gesture has racked up over 800 likes, with dozens of locals wishing the boys luck for the future.

One person wrote: “Wonderful story, and their parents should take great pride in raising fine young men. Well done.”

Another added: “It starts at home very mannerable and well brought up young men from fine parents who will be proud no doubt.”

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