Man’s horror as brazen armed gang steal his motorbike in front of him

Manchester: Brazen 'hammer wielding' thieves steal bike

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A gang of thugs threatened a bystander with a hammer when he attempted to stop them stealing a motorbike in broad daylight and in front of its owner.

One of the thieves is caught on camera wielding the weapon before he drags the vehicle onto a road and flees with his accomplices.

The brazen theft happened in Manchester city centre at around 3.30pm on Monday.

Mark Powell, the owner of the black and blue Yamaha MT09, watched in horror from his office and can be heard shouting an expletive before screaming “that’s my bike” at the thieves.

He ran from his workplace in a desperate bid to stop the yobs, Manchester Evening News reports.

Mark said it was the first time he had ridden to work for months, after taking a break as the Oxford Road area was targeted by motorbike thieves last year.

Now his bike – worth £10,000 when new – has become the latest to be stolen.

Speaking today, Mark said: “[Thefts were] happening every single day last year. There was a gang and they would nick a bike and disappear. The police did a mission to catch them, and it quietened down for four or five months.

“I got on my bike and it’s the first day I drove in on it [in months] and it gets nicked. There was a kid doing parkour at the front and he tried to stop them but they had a hammer.”

Police are investigating the latest theft and are aware of the footage.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “No one has been arrested in connection with this yet, enquiries are still ongoing.”

The clip has also been shared widely on social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter. One post reads: “Help the poor man find his motorbike.”

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