Man’s wicked revenge after neighbour steals snow-cleared parking space

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A man has divided opinion on social media, over his reaction to his neighbour stealing his parking space after he’d shovelled snow to clear it.

The man claimed he’d spent around 45 minutes out in the cold, shovelling his wife’s car out so they could go to the shops – after eight inches had fallen the night before.

However, when they returned an hour later, they found their neighbour had parked in the space he had shovelled, reports CoventryLive. What he did next has divided opinion on social media, as some applauded his retaliation while others accused him of “vandalism”.

The anonymous man shared his story on the ‘petty revenge’ forum on Reddit. In his post under the username topathemornin, he explained: “Our apartment complex doesn’t have assigned parking, but in the winter, it’s understood that if you shovel a spot, it’s yours. So when I saw his car in the spot I had just shovelled, I was pretty p*****. I went inside and filled two-gallon jugs of water. Went back out and poured them on his windshield. Rinse and repeat. I must have poured about ten gallons of water on his car.

“Being how cold it was, it was already freezing by the time I poured the last gallon on. It sat like that overnight. The next morning, I got to watch as he helplessly tried to scrape all of these layers of ice off his windshield.”

Despite being a forum dedicated to petty revenge stories, the man received a mixed response from other users. One wrote: “This is amazing. It’s common knowledge, if your complex doesn’t handle snow removal, don’t be a d*** and shovel your own spot.”

Another posted: “This was a masterful revenge. However, you should have marked your spot.” A third queried: “So if I’m visiting someone in your complex and I see a cleared parking space, I’m meant to not park in it?”

Someone else asked: “So, how is anyone supposed to know if you’re coming back or not? Let’s say you left for 8 hours to go to work. Is no one supposed to park there? At what point are you allowed to take the spot?” However, another replied: “What is wrong with all these commenters? Who drives into a parking lot covered in 8 inches of snow and thinks the one spot cleared is open game?”

One devious poster suggested: “If you pour water down the door cracks and door handle, it’ll freeze his doors shut too.” Another added: “Shoulda poured some over his gas cap so it froze shut too.”

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