Masked yob hurls paint over mum’s council home in ‘targeted’ attack

Birmingham: Masked person throws paint at house

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A terrified mother has begged for help as her council home has been targeted in a “relentless harassment campaign”.

Footage captures one attack – in which a masked thug flings the contents of a paint can over the property – but police said it can’t take the investigation any further because it can’t identify the man.

However, threats have been made to the woman’s children and four cars have been vandalised in other incidents.

The mum, who now urgently wants to move home, said: “I could leave in a body bag, and no one would care.

“We have CCTV – not that it does any good because police have said if they’re masked up, we can’t identify them, that’s as far as any investigation will go. So it’s ok for me to keep being harassed? We’re stuck here, we’re not safe.”

Thick white paint was hurled across the lounge window earlier this year, Birmingham Live reports.

The family, who “fear walking the streets after threats”, fled to safety in the summer of 2022 as they were placed in emergency accommodation. However, the mum claims she found a “series of issues” at the new flat in Digbeth, Birmingham, including a “broken window” and a toilet that “didn’t flush for a week”.

The mother of three continued: “When we were put in there, it had a broken window, it didn’t have a flushing toilet, it wouldn’t flush for five to seven days. We asked for them to fix it they wouldn’t.

“I’d not long had stomach surgery and I was being sick a lot. Unfortunately, we’ve got toilet issues between us as a family, so can you imagine not having a flushing toilet?”

As they were moved, their two dogs were also left behind, meaning they were forced to return to their “targeted” address in the south of the city, and “risk their safety”, to feed the pets either way. The mum, desperate to move anywhere outside of the city, has since rehomed the dogs in her urgent bid for safety.

She said: “They put me in emergency accommodation in Digbeth but I had to return as I had two dogs – no one would take them, I tried everywhere. Dogs Trust was finally able to offer a place for my two dogs.”

But the woman claims she has now struggled to receive support in moving. She added: “I thought ‘ok, we’ll get put in emergency accommodation now’ – No.

“I’d gone to them [the council and police] a few times, I said ‘please help’.”

West Midlands Police did not comment on the latest plea for help, instead adding that they would “take appropriate action where there is enough evidence”. The force said the mum was rehoused in 2022 and “chose to return” to her original address.

A spokesperson for the force said: We have received a number of reports of incidents happening at this address and have investigated them on each occasion.

“The complainant was rehoused in 2022, but chose to return to her original address shortly after. We will continue to investigate any reports we receive and will take appropriate action where there is enough evidence to do so.”

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