Massive hole appears overnight in garden of retirement village

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A pensioner was shocked to discover a hole had appeared near their front door in the run-up to Christmas Day.

The hole appeared overnight at at Glenleigh Park, a retirement village near St Austell in Cornwall.

Located in the garden next to the OAP’s bungalow, the hole is thought to be the remnants of a mine shaft or a sink hole.

Alfie Best, chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, which runs the site, told Cornwall Live: “It happened a day or two before Christmas Day. The resident, whose property is right next to the hole, took it upon themselves to move in with a neighbour and, fortunately, already had a month’s holiday booked.

“The hole is about two metres wide and three metres deep, with a smaller one next to it.”

“Our maintenance team arrived on site immediately and filled it with Type 1 aggregate material to make it safe.

“They are constantly monitoring it and, at the moment, it’s not sinking.

“We are employing a specialist team to complete the work.”

Wyldecrest Parks is one of the biggest residential park operators in Europe and provides homes for semi-retired and retired people over 50.

Glenleigh has 60 homes, all with large plots.

Mr Best added: “I cannot emphasise enough how good our maintenance team have been – they went above and beyond, constantly checking the hole over Christmas, because it’s right at the side of a home.

“Mike Sherring and his team worked on Christmas Day, even though they weren’t paid to.

“Mike made his way down there from the North Pole on his reindeer – actually, he only lives three mile away, but he went out of his way to help and make the hole safe.”

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