Massive plume of smoke fills city sky after fire in scrap yard

Plumes of smoke have been sighted above Cardiff as fire crews attend a fire in a scrap yard. Firefighters were called to the scene at around 11.15am on Friday, February 24, and the fire was put out by 12.35pm.

The fire affected five boats, multiple vehicles and scrap metal, South Wales Fire and Rescue confirmed. It added that the suspected cause of the blaze was determined to be accidental.

Speaking to WalesOnline, a witness at the scene described the flames as “incredible”. Meanwhile, a firefighter who attended said no-one was on site at the time of the incident.

A statment released by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service reads: “At approximately 11:15am on Friday, 24 February 2023, we received reports of a fire on Martin Road in Splott, Cardiff.

“Crews from Cardiff Central and Ely Fire and Rescue Stations attended the scene and extinguished the fire. The fire affected five boats, multiple vehicles and scrap metal. The suspected cause was determined to be accidental. The incident concluded at approximately 12:35pm.”

Remarking on the scene this morning,  Jeff Evans, owner of Cardiff Reclamation (which is just opposite the yard where the fire took place) said: “There was a mass of black smoke and huge flames. The whole top of that yard was just engulfed. At first it was just a small fire but really thick black smoke and then all of a sudden there was like a roaring noise.”

He added: “I was stood by here with a customer and this was just black. You couldn’t see anything, it was just black. Luckily it was going that way, not our way, so you could stand here and look at it. But across there the whole sky was just full of black smoke – unbelievable.”

He said the yard where the fire took place contained “anything and everything”, including scrap cars, fridge freeers, TVs, which are packed into containers and shipped off. He added: “All the fence outside was on fire as well. If there was a couple of cars in the road – luckily there wasn’t – it could have jumped across from car to car and our one would have gone up next.”

A video published on social media from the scene captured firefighters dousing the large fire.

One reader, who said their ‘whole flat smelled of smoke’ sent the following picture of the view from their window in Cardiff Bay.

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