‘Measures are needed now!’ Ed Davey calls for more restrictions amid rising Covid cases

Lib Dem leader Ed Davey grilled on borrowing by Munchetty

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The plans exclusively revealed by The i includes bringing back mandatory face masks, an instruction to work from home and reintroducing social distancing rules. However, the plans would not introduce Covid passports which the Lib Dems are against.

The Liberal Democrats believe introducing these emergency measures would reduce cases and prevent a winter lockdown.

On Thursday, the UK recorded more than 50,000 daily Covid cases for the first time in three months.

The daily Covid cases were last at this level on 17 July, when 54,674 were recorded.

Ed Davey told The i: “Parents are terrified that their children will be forced to lose more school and NHS trusts are nervous about the number of beds and staff.

“I fear that measures are needed now to prevent a crisis that our economy and our communities cannot afford.

“The lights on the dashboard are all blinking red and the Government seems to be asleep at the wheel once again.

He added: “I fear we are back to where we were in spring and autumn 2020, a Government paralysed by incompetence, indifference and indecision leading the country into an inevitable lockdown.”

“Clearly we need a proper report which outlines whether further emergency measures are needed now.”

However, Boris Johnson has responded to the calls for introducing further restrictions, during a visit in Northern Ireland.

On Thursday, Mr Johnson said he would not be bringing in new measures.

He said: “We’re watching the numbers very carefully every day.”

“You’re absolutely right, the number of infections are high.

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“But we’re within the parameters of what the predictions were, what SPI-M and the others said where we would be at this stage given the steps that we’ve taken.

“So we’re sticking with our plan.”

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