Meghan and Harry appear as ‘dutiful superheroes’ in new photoshoot

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look like “dutiful superheroes” in their latest photoshoot, a body language expert has said. The pictures of the couple were taken by Misan Harriman at the One Young World Summit, which took place in Manchester on September 5. The first picture shows Meghan standing front and centre in a bright red suit, holding Harry’s hand.

The second picture, taken in black and white, also shows the couple holding hands.

Speaking about the photoshoot, body language expert Judi James said they look “almost presidential”.

She said: “The body language in these official shots pins up the words ‘important couple’ in a way that is almost presidential or even, in the black and white shot, more like dutiful superheroes.

“They also give Meghan the status edge, which would be apt at this point as it was her conference they were attending.”

Speaking about the first photo, Ms James continued: “In her red suit Meghan addresses the camera with her legs splayed to suggest confidence and a firm eye-gaze.

“Her left arm is extended towards Harry and he holds her index finger, rather than performing their signature hand clasp.

“He is slightly behind his wife and with his torso turned in towards her to suggest a supportive role.”

Meghan’s facial expression, she said, was “business-like”, while Harry’s “knowing smile” is “almost fun-based”.

Ms James said that he looks “as though he is registering his pride for his wife with the camera.”

In the second image, Ms James said the couple looks like they are going to “save the planet”.

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She said they “seem to have their eyes set on a distant, future horizon”.

The expert added: “Meghan’s back is straight and this time they hold hands with their fingers entwined to show complete togetherness,” she said.

“They look set to save the planet here, with Harry’s face especially serious.”

The photoshoot took place at The One Young World summit, which aims to encourage young people to build a more sustainable future.

Meghan gave a speech at the conference, calling on young people to take action on climate change.

She said: “We often hear people say ‘the time is now,’ but I’m going to double down on that, by saying your time is now.

“The important work can’t wait for tomorrow.”

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