Meghan and Harry are going to make ‘grand decision’ on Coronation

Harry and Meghan’s coronation reaction slammed by Morgan

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been branded “upstarts” by TV presenter Piers Morgan while they wait to decide whether they will attend King Charles’s Coronation.

When asked what he thought about the Duke and Duchess’s invite to the Coronation, Morgan slammed the couple and pointed to their plummeting popularity.

“I would like an immediate emergency power, a border restriction, that we won’t let these two back in because their popularity in the UK is unbelievably bad right now, lower than Prince Andrew if you thought that was humanly possible,” Piers Morgan said on Fox News.

He blasted the couple, whose spokesperson confirmed that they received “email correspondence” inviting them to the event, for waiting to respond to the invitation.

He continued: “They’re reacting to this invitation – which is very magnanimous by King Charles because, let’s face it, Harry just spray gunned his entire family in the kiss and tell book…they’ve reacted exactly how I knew they would react.”

The couple has received the invitation but in a statement seen by the BBC a Sussex spokesperson said: “An immediate decision on whether the Duke and Duchess will attend will not be disclosed by us at this time.”

“They haven’t been gracious and gone ‘wow, thank you that’s really big of you dad’. No, they’ve said ‘we’ve had the invitation and we’ll think about our decision’. Think about that, our decision,” Piers Morgan raged.

“These two little upstarts living in their California mansion are going to make their grand decision whether to attend the Coronation of Britain’s new monarch.”

The comments come following another media appearance by Prince Harry over the weekend. The Duke sat down with physician and trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate in a £17-per-ticket live stream which included a free copy of Harry’s memoir Spare.

During the talk, Dr Mate diagnosed Prince Harry with ADD, PTSD, anxiety and depression on the spot while the Duke spoke about using drugs including cocaine, psychedelics and marijuana.

Piers Morgan blasted the event which he called “some online thing at the weekend” which saw Harry “moaning about his father”.

In the online Q&A, Harry said that he realised many of his family members are “dysfunctional” and spoke about being his “authentic true self”.

Now, with the Sussexes invited, royal watchers are waiting to see whether the couple will attend the Coronation on May 6 and in what capacity.

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