Meghan and Harry ‘fired all their guns’ – Sussexes out of options as UK ‘moves on’

Meghan and Harry: 'Good luck to them' says Australian presenter

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Writing about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Twitter, expert @RoyalArjan said that, despite the couples “explosive” media presence, “they are still not the superstar humanitarians they aspire to be”. This comes after Meghan Markle appeared on US talk show Ellen on Thursday evening, just eight months after she and Prince Harry sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Duchess Meghan’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres saw her discuss intimate details of her home life with Prince Harry and their two children Archie and Lillibet.

Speaking to the US presenter, she said: “Someone told H (Harry) and I that when you have one kid it’s a hobby, and two children is parenting.

“Suddenly we realised, ‘oh right’, everyone talks about what it’s like for the second child but no one talks about the adjustment for the first child when the second one comes along.

“I think they have that moment of, ‘oh, this is fun, oh, this is how it is now’.”

She also took part in a series of pranks in front of unsuspecting market stall vendors.

The Duchess used a hidden earpiece to take instructions from Ms DeGeneres, including singing a made-up song “I’m a kitten, meow, meow, meow”, while wearing leopard print cat ears.

She told one vendor selling hot sauce: “let mummy taste some”, adding: “My boo loves hot sauce”.

Many royal fans hit back at the interview, claiming that it was “making a mockery of British royalty”.

One critic wrote on Twitter: “Now is definitely the time to strip Meghan of her royal title on the grounds that she is not acting appropriately in public to carry the title that represents the Royal Family.”

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While another said: “Meghan Markle is using her Royal title and making a mockery of British Royalty.”

However, others supported the royal’s appearance on the show.

Emily Andrews, a royal journalist and commentator, said Meghan’s behaviour “was so royal” on the show, as she used the television slot to highlight charitable work and put the “limelight and spotlight on ordinary people”.

The 40-year-old royal has recently been campaigning for paid parental leave, writing a controversial letter to congress lobbying them for the policy.

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Meanwhile, the Queen has been praised for her strength and “statesmanship” for pushing on despite her health issues.

Speaking about her decision not to retire, Columnist and former Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill said that the queen has a “very rare” sense of “duty” and “loyalty”.

Speaking to Australian Sky News, he said: “The Queen’s 95 and she is already back at work. When no one in the world would blame her for finally retiring.”

He also compared the Queen with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, hitting out at the couple who he claimed “flounced off to America”.

The commentator said: “She does have a sense of duty, she probably will keep going to the very end.”

“That’s very rare these days as we’ve seen from Prince Harry who’s flounced off to America because he was treated allegedly unfairly by some members of the Royal Family.

“It’s very rare that sense of duty, but the Queen definitely has it.”

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