Meghan and Harry have had ‘rude awakening’ in US, says expert

Harry and Meghan have had ‘rude awakening’ in the US

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had a “rude awakening” after moving to the US, according to a royal commentator who has questioned the Duchess’s political prospects. The couple moved to the US three years ago after relinquishing their roles as working members of the Royal Family in the UK, although they have continued to retain their respective Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles. In October 2020, they founded the charitable Archewell Foundation.

Meghan, 41, has long been tipped for a huge move into US politics – with commentators anticipating a run for US President one day.

But Rita Panahi said on her show on Sky News Australia: “You can’t play the victim if you are running for political office the way they have, being former working royals.

“They have settled in California and if you have an interest in being a Democrat candidate, California is the place to be, particularly if you are fairly mediocre as a candidate.

“Do you think given the response to the podcast and Netflix series hasn’t been overwhelming, she will put her hand up at some point to be a politician and give herself that credibility?”

Royal and celebrity commentator Link Lauren replied: “It’s been a rude awakening for Harry and Meghan that we don’t have royalty here in the US. I don’t know what titles you’re going to have – they don’t carry the same weight.

“When it comes to shining a light on organisations and doing good, I feel like they could have done a lot of good staying in the UK, like William and Kate who can show up to different organisations, raise money and do funding that way because being an ex-Duchess here in California is like: ‘OK, what is that?'”

Speculation about Meghan making a huge move into US politics intensified after the couple’s recent tax filings showed they paid Michelle Obama’s former press chief almost £90,000 for “strategic support for social impact PR”.

But Lauren warned Meghan has to be like “the freakin’ Terminator” as she will have to be able to “take the hits and get back up every single time”.

Ms Panahi said: “Let’s talk about the $100,000 to Michelle Obama’s former press chief.

“That has started rumours Meghan Markle has her sights set on a political future, that she may want to be a candidate and even one day, be President.”

But Lauren hit back: “I don’t know how that is going to work because I thought Harry and Meghan’s biggest gripe with the UK is the press is out to get us, we have these hit pieces, they’re always pulling out mean tweets.

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“When you run for office in the US – ask Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton – you have to be the freakin’ Terminator.

“You have to be able to take the hits and get back up every single time. You can’t hop on the plane and run away to the mansion in Vancouver when you get bad press.”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Meghan “doesn’t have thick enough skin” to run for the White House but could try to enter Congress.

Several royal experts have waded in on whether the duchess could become US President during a discussion with Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV.

Kinsey Schofield said: “I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before Meghan Markle is a United States President and, you know, I would just say to you, to the panel, I don’t think Meghan has thick enough skin to run for politics.

“You don’t think that the Republicans, because she would run as a Democrat, would have Thomas and Samantha Markle on every mainstream media outlet?”

Evening Standard royal editor Robert Jobson added: “I think this is a definite no deal but I wouldn’t rule her out running for the Senate or Congress because, you know, she speaks very well, I’ve heard her speak.

“But has she got the steel? No, of course she hasn’t.

“The reality is there will be more tears at bedtime and unfortunately she’ll get some backing but I don’t think she can run as a Democrat if you want your children to have royal titles and you carry a royal title yourself.”

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